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History & Geography

American Memory
The Library of Congresses digital collection of American History.

Ancient History
A collection of information on ancient history.

Chronicling America
A Digital resource put together by the Library of Congress cataloging our nation’s historic newspapers.

CIA World Factbook
A database of information on the countries of the world provided by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Eye Witness to History
Get infromation on numerous events through the history of the world.

History Net
The website to the company that produces numerous popular history magazines.

HistoryWorld is a website providing timelines and quizes to world history.

Library of Congress
Digital Collections – A list of the collections available digitally by the Library of Congress.

Medieval History Source Book
A collection of Medieval primary sources put together by Fordham University.

National Museum of American History
Provided through the Smithsonian Institute, one of the most famous museums in the country.

The Smithsonian
The Website to the famous Smithsonian Institute including the magazine and museum.

World Atlas
A map of the world with facts on each country.

Teen History & Geography
Trends, statistics, and polls on current events and social issues

Balance pro and con information on current controversial issues

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