Food Preservation Workshop at Niagara Public Library - Marinette County Consolidated Libraries

Food Preservation Workshop at Niagara Public Library

After a long winter, we look forward to the fresh produce that the summer brings.  How can we make that summer bounty last all year?  Join us at the Niagara Public Library on Wednesday, August 6th at 2:00 p.m. when Marinette County UW-Extension office’s Beth Rieth will be offering a food preservation workshop.  Learn about canning, freezing and drying foods using the most up-to-date recipes and procedures to keep your family safe.  You will go home with many resources to preserve high-quality, safe food.

In addition, pressure canner dial gauge testing can be done for free.  The USDA recommends testing these gauges for accuracy every year.  Bring the entire lid to the extension office or to the food preservation workshop- it only takes a few minutes.

For more information about the Food Preservation Workshops, contact Beth Rieth, Interim Family Living Educator with Marinette County UW-Extension at 715-732-7510 or at beth.rieth@ces.uwex,edu.  You can also contact the library at 715-251-3236.

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