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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get a library card?
In order to get a library card, the person getting the card must appear in person with a photo ID that has his or her current address. If the ID does not have a current address, a piece of business mail with the current address may be presented along with the ID. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent present to obtain a library card, and the parent must furnish his or her photo ID and proof of address.

How much does a library card cost?
The use of library services are free to Wisconsin residents. Lost library cards can be replaced for $3.00. People who reside outside the State of Wisconsin have three options to pay for library use:

  • Internet Only cards are $10 for one year.
  • Full-Privileged Cards are $25 for 1 year.
  • Daily Internet Passes are $2 for up to 2 hours of Internet computer use.


A library card can have a total of 75 items checked out at a time. This can be a total of…
25 CDs
10 DVDs/Blu rays
2 Video Games
75 Books

How much are fines on late items and when are they assessed?
DVDs, Blu rays, and Video Games = $1 per day
CDs, Books, Magazines, and Audiobooks = $0.10 per day
Fines are assessed on the first day after an item’s due date. Items must be returned prior to the library’s closing on the date that the item is due. Items returned after hours will be checked in on the next business day.

If I have fines, can I still borrow materials?
Yes, you may still borrow materials as long as your account is in good standing. In order to keep your account in good standing, you cannot accumulate more than $5.00 in fines. Once the $5.00 limit is reached, your account will be put on hold until the balance is under $5.00.

How do I renew material I currently have checked out?
Present your library card at the service desk in any of the InfoSoup branches and ask the clerk to renew the items. The items need not be present in order to renew them.

Contact any of the InfoSoup branches via phone. You will need to provide your library card number over the phone.

Log into your library account on Click on “Items Checked Out,” click in the box next to the item you want to renew, then click on the box “Renew”.

If you do not have your card or are renewing items for someone else, you may renew items by bringing the actual item into one of the branch libraries. They will be able to scan the item for you and renew it that way.

If I have overdue items, can I still renew them?
You may still renew overdue items as long as the fines do not put your account in poor standing. Fines must remain under $5.00 to renew, check out, or reserve library materials.


If I have overdue items and I renew them, do I still get a fine?
Yes, overdue items do get fined once they are renewed or returned.


Why can I not renew some items?

  • The item has been placed on hold for another patron.
  • Your library account is no longer in good standing. Either your fines are greater than $5.00 or your account has expired and you need to contact an InfoSoup library branch to renew your account.

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